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Pescador 10.0

The most comfortable, easy to paddle kayak!

*Available in late 2017 at select retailers.

Inspiration from the popular Pescador Pro and Pilot models drive the aesthetics of the new Pescador design, completing the cohesive look of the Pescador family. The new Pescador incorporates the features paddlers demand to enhance their recreational and fishing experiences. The rear storage area has been increased to accommodate popular fishing crate sizes, and molded-in rod holders provide a convenient location for quick staging. The new oval hinged hatch allows quick access to storage on the front of the boat, and the inclusion of two gear tracks and a Solo Mount recess allow recreational and angling paddlers to incorporate their favorite accessories quickly. The thick padded seating system with adjustable backrest, adjustable foot pegs, a higher capacity rating, and increased stability all contribute to making the Pescador the most comfortable kayak in the market at a great price.

Product Overview