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Take a look at the uniquely versatile new Hi Life . Part kayak, part SUP, all fun!

See how our processes and materials deliver the most safe, stable, comfortable and durable kayaks on the market.

Looking for pedal-driven performance at an unbelievable price? Introducing the Pescador Pilot, complete with the Pilot Pedal Drive System. Optimized for all-day cruising and packed to the gills with fishing features, the Pilot keeps your hands-free...

We hope you never need to, but just in case, Canoe & Kayak Magazine 's Safer Paddling’s Episode #8, takes you through the steps of “Calling for Help" if you find yourself in distress.

In Episode 7 of Canoe & Kayak Magazine 's Safer Paddling Series, instructors Kate & Paul show you how to get back in your kayak–or help a friend back into his–if you capsive.