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SUP Warranty

We offer a limited warranty against any defect in workmanship or materials to the original purchaser covering 30 days from purchase. Warranty claims are processed through the Perception SUP Retailer from which the original purchase was made. Products damaged as a result of normal wear and tear or abuse will not be covered.


  • Claims will only be processed for the original purchaser
  • Damage as a result of normal wear and tear or abuse
  • Punctures and/or previous repairs
  • Damage due to improper care, handling or storage
  • Damage due to excessive heat exposure including direct sunlight, extended time in a car or board bag
  • Cosmetic blemishes
  • Improper assembly, modifications or repairs
  • Damage caused by striking of rocks, reefs, rails, waves or falling in surf conditions
  • Damage caused by anything other than defects in the workmanship or materials


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