Find the right kayak for your lifestyle. Whether it's spending time with the family, relaxing alone, going on the adventure of a lifetime, or simply adding some excitement to your exercise routine, you'll find the right fit in a Perception.


Fun on the water for everyone – it's what our recreation kayaks are all about. But what makes a Perception different is that we want kayaking to be part of your active lifestyle, which doesn't happen in a slow, bulky boat. Our recreational kayaks offer speed, control, and comfort you'd never expect, with the manageability and stability you do. Once you've paddled one out on the lake, you'll wish next weekend was here already.


Open up even more of the exciting possibilities kayaking has to offer by developing your skills and expanding your environments in a Perception touring kayak. These kayaks are designed for more performance, a tighter fit, and more capacity than recreational kayaks, but offer predictable handling so beginners or experts can venture on longer excursions on more types of water.

Whether it's a multi-day adventure, or the technical handling needed for rough conditions, our expedition kayaks are engineered for performance on all types of water. Efficient designs offer increased speed, maneuverability, and gear storage, while ultra-comfortable outfitting gives an athletic grip without the punishment, so nothing's holding you back.

Discontinued Models

Essence Models

If you want a kayak that's got it all, look no further than the Essence Airalite.

New for 2015



Access 11.5 & Access 11.5 Angler
Conduit 9.5
Conduit 12.0
Conduit 13.0
Conduit 14.0T
Cove 13.5 & Cove 14.5
Sound 9.5 & Sound 9.5 Angler
Sound 10.5 & Sound 10.5 Angler
Sound 12.5 & Sound 12.5 Angler
Pescador 10.0 & Pescador 10.0 Angler
Pescador 12.0 & Pescador 12.0 Angler
Pescador 13.0T
Striker 11.5 & Striker 11.5 Angler
Rambler 9.5 & Rambler 9.5 Angler
Rambler 13.5T

Camo (Olive, Sand, Black):
Tribe series.
Turquoise: Conduit series, Impulse, Prodigy series, Sound series (excluding Angler) and Tribute series.
Seaspray (Blue, Turquoise, White): Rambler 9.5, Striker 11.5, Access, Impluse,Tribe solo, Triumph 13.0, Pescador solo, Prodigy series, Conduit series, Tribute series. Excluding any angler versions.
Purple/White: Rambler series, Striker 11.5, Access, Impluse Tribe series, Triumph 13.0, Pescador series, Prodigy series, Conduit series, Tribute series. Excluding any angler versions.
Turquoise/White: Carolina series & Expression series.
Saffron: Yellow color refreshed.
Lime/Yellow: Yellow color refreshed.
Red/Yellow: Yellow color refreshed.
Red: Tribe series & Triumph 13.0.
Sand: Tribe 13.5
Lime: Carolina series & Expression series.