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Bestselling Sit Inside Kayaks

Bestselling Sit-Inside Kayaks

Our Bestselling Sit-Inside Kayaks

These are a few fan favorites.

  • Sound 9.5

    Stable, rugged, and full of features, this kayak offers the perfect introduction to kayak fishing.

  • Prodigy 10

    Stable and forgiving, this kayak’s 10-foot design makes it a favorite for beginners to intermediates.

  • Impulse 10

    Versatile, comfortable, and incredibly easy—the best all-around value on the water.

  • Conduit 9.5

    Playful, stable, and fun—your search for the perfect first kayak stops here.

  • Cove Tandem

    Share the experience with a versatile two-seater that doubles down on comfort and fun.

  • Expression 11.5

    Versatility for adventure-seekers who want touring comfort and expedition-grade performance.

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