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Kayak 101

Kayak Advice

New to Paddling?

Here are some helpful tips, guides and videos

  • Wintertime Kayak Maintenance

    Tips to make sure your gear is water-ready when the warm weather arrives.

  • Storing Your Kayak

    There's no getting around it - kayaks are big. You might be wondering where to store your kayak...don't worry we've got some ideas.

  • Kayak Transportation

    How will you get your kayak to the water? There are more options than you think.

How to Kayak
Sit Inside or Sit On Top?

Sit-inside or Sit-on-Top?

Sit-Inside – These kayaks have an open cockpit so you’re actually sitting inside the hull with your legs covered. This is nice for cold-weather kayakers as the hull will keep you dryer than a sit-on-top; the cockpit will also shelter your lower body from the wind and keep the sun off your legs.
Sit-On-Top – You’ll sit on top of these open kayaks for fun in the sun. This design is great for mobility and for the ease of boarding or exiting your kayak.

Safer Paddling Video Series

Watch Our Safer Paddling Series

Do you know the traffic rules for kayaking? Wondering what you should pack and wear? Learn more about these topics and other practical tips in our Safer Paddling Series.

Watch Here Launch Locations

Oh the Places You'll Paddle

Maybe you have a nearby lake in mind, but discovering new places to explore in your kayak is fun too.  Our go-to tool is the interactive Paddle Locations Map from  Zoom in on your home area or a spot you plan to visit and you'll find a treasure trove of boat launches and bodies of water to enjoy.  Click on a location and get driving directions, plus reviews from others who have kayaked at this location before.