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TrueFit Cockpit Cover

TrueFit Cockpit Cover

Accessory Information

The best fitting and driest cockpit cover for your Perception kayak as well as other kayaks. Determining the best fit for your kayak has never been easier. Size information on all Perception kayaks identifies the TrueFit size for your kayak. No charts or measuring are required.



  • Sticky edging grips the cockpit rim tightly and adds extra durability
  • Bungee rand for easy on/off
  • Not intended for car top transportation
  • Turn kayak upside down when storing
  • Durable urethane coated nylon oxford
  • Compatible with many kayak brands- see sizing info
  • Sizing information:
    • Size P7
      • Expression 11 / 14 / 15
      • Essence 16 / 17
      • Tribute 12
      • Other Kayak Cockpits: length 86-91cm (34-36”) x width 46-51cm (18-20”)
    • Size P8
      • Carolina 12 / 14
      • Other Kayak Cockpits: length 97-102cm (38-40”) x width 51-56cm (20-22”)
    • Size P9
      • Sundance
      • Other Kayak Cockpits: length 104-110cm (41-43”) x width 51-56cm (20-22”)
    • Size P12
      • Prodigy 10
      • Other Kayak Cockpits: length 125-130cm (49-51”) x width 53-59cm (21-23”)
    • Size P13
      • JoyRide 10.0 / 12.0
      • Other Kayak Cockpits: length 135-142cm (53-56”) x width 56-61cm (22-24”)

*Prices shown are manufacturer suggested retail prices, including taxes. Prices and availability may vary between country and retailers due to VAT and other taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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