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Kayak Accessories

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New Accessories
Life Jackets
Silent Traction
Deluxe Tie-Down Straps
Float Bags for Kayaks Up to 10 ft
Float Bags for Kayaks Over 10ft

Float Bags for Kayaks Over 10ft

For Sit-Inside Kayaks

More Accessories from Harmony Gear
Kayak Accessories

Kayak Accessories

Having the right kayak accessories can make your time on the water much more enjoyable. 
Gear to Help You Transport Your Kayak
Getting your kayak from garage to water can be simplified with the right transportation accessories including kayak tie-down straps and a kayak cart.

Safety-Related Kayak Accessories
The most familiar safety gear for kayakers is the life jacket or PFD (Personal floatation device).  Perception offers two models of PFDs and our sister company, Harmony Gear, has PFDs for the children in your family.  Other safety accessories include a bilge pump and kayak sponge which both help to keep your kayak dry and buoyant.

Kayak Paddles
You won’t get far without a paddle and we have options for all models of Perception Kayaks.  The Universal Paddle as its name suggest will work with all models, the Pescador Paddle is optimized for the Pescador line of kayaks and the Hi Life Paddle converts from a two-blade kayak paddle to a one blade SUP paddle.

Fishing Accessories for Your Kayak
If you’re heading out to catch some fish, you’ll want to check out our great selection of kayak fishing accessories including the Perception Kayak Crate, the Rod-X Pro and and the Silent Traction Kits for the Pescador line of fishing kayaks.  We also offer an anchor and anchor trolley kit which is a popular add-on for those who fish.

Kayaking in Cool Climate or Cold Waters?
Stay warm and dry with the Perception TrueFit Kayak Skirt for sit-inside models.
Looking for Sun Protection?
The TrueFit Sun Shield keeps the sun's rays off your legs and is designed for use with sit-inside kayaks.

Kayak accessories also make great gifts!  Whether it’s a kayak crate for the angler in your family or a cooler to store beverages, paddlers are sure to appreciate these upgrades for their boat.