How to Choose a Kayak

If you are new to kayaking, you may be looking for a kayak that is good for beginners. The good news is that almost 100% of Perception Kayaks are great for beginners. Qualities that make a kayak good for beginners include stability, a safe on-water feel and features that make a paddler comfortable while enhancing their safety on the water.

At Perception, we have over 40 year’s experience designing kayaks and boat design is our entire focus. Our boat designs are exceptionally stable and very easy to enter and exit. They are made of a leak-proof once piece construction and have very impact and abrasion resistant hulls that can stand up to lots of use and transportation. Many of our models feature metal skid plates on the hull to prevent wear from dragging the kayak. Additionally, you can find flotation foam and bulkheads in many of our sit-inside kayaks which are a safety feature that is often omitted in cheap kayaks sold at big box retailers.

Perception kayak owners will tell beginners that our kayaks also have excellent outfitting and are known for their comfortable seats that will keep you on the water longer.

Deciding which Perception boat is the best kayak for you depends more on your intended use for the boat, the type of water you’ll be paddling on, your body frame size and your budget. The articles in our Advice section offer guidance for new kayakers and you can also check out our popular Kayak Selector Tool. It will help you select a beginner kayak that is perfect for you!

Note: The one Perception model that some may consider more "advanced" is the Expression sit-inside kayak. This sit-inside touring model is optimized for speed and longer distance paddles. It is not out of reach for a new paddler, but not one that is typically chosen for occasional or recreational use.