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Perception Shines with New Colors

Posted: 10.14.2015

With a full array of kayaks for all levels of paddlers with a variety of interests, Perception continues their legacy as the most fun kayaks for everyone. Along with some great new boat designs (more on that later in the show), Perception debuted flashy new colors at the 2015 ORSM Demo Day.

Red Tiger Camo is sure to be a show-stopper on the water, with a stark mix of red and black in a unique camo pattern.


Roxie’s magenta, black and white mix is both punky and playful – a perfect fit for Perception.


Starbursts vivid blend of orange, yellow and green will pop right off of the water, while looking pretty good doing so.


The aptly named Sunset color – a mix of red, orange and yellow – invokes that relaxing feeling that you get after perfect summer day on the water.