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Intro to Kayaking

kayaking vocabulary terms

Intro to Kayaking

Kayaking Lingo

Kayaking doesn’t have to be a foreign language. Learn some simple kayaker lingo and you’ll be well on your way toward paddling the wild blue yonder and and sharing your passion with other paddlers.

kayak cart

Intro to Kayaking

Paddling Safety Guidelines

Always wear your lifejacket: Even if you're in shallow, warm water, your personal flotation device is your link to safety. Make sure it's Coast Guard-approved, fits snug (so someone can pull you out

kayaks in shed

Intro to Kayaking

Wintertime Gear Maintenance

In the winter we generally paddle less and have more spare time for “off season” projects. This is a great time to organize, maintain and possibly modify your paddling gear. It’s a real drag to get

dragging your kayak

Intro to Kayaking

How to Carry a Kayak

Tips from paddling instructor Anna Levesque No one wants to look like a complete rookie—especially paddlers who have yet to hit the water regularly. Getting your boat to and from the water is the

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