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What is 90 Days Same as Cash–Payments Due with Interest Deferred?

The account will be set up as an interest bearing installment contract with terms between 18 and 48 months. The first contractual payment installment will be due 30 days from the date of signed documents and each month thereafter. Subsequent monthly installments will be made through the borrower’s method of payment each month. Interest will not be charged if the invoice balance is paid within the first 90 days from the activated contract date. Upon final payoff within the promotional period, the borrower will be quoted an amount equal to the financed balance less any installment payments made within the first 90 days and the borrower will make one final payment. If the borrower chooses not to payoff the loan within the first 90 days, payments will continue and the contract will remain in effect set by the terms originally agreed upon. Any delinquent payments will automatically void the 90- day promotional period.