Freedom means plenty of room for comfort and performance to go where you want. With performance perfect for fun loving first timers, the Conduit still cuts through water and tracks very well. Plenty of knee room, it's a comfortable ride that is ideal for lakes and ponds.

Conduit 9.5

With performance perfect for fun-loving first timers, the smallest kayak in the Conduit family is also the most nimble. With its unique design, it still cuts through water and tracks very well, giving it exceptional acceleration and speed for its size!

Conduit 12.0

The Conduit 12.0 provides more stability, straighter tracking, and increased speed.

Conduit 13.0

The Conduit 13.0 is a paddler-friendly and unrestrictive kayak with enough stability for beginners to feel confident on a leisurely cruise, but features speed and tracking loved by those wanting longer paddles.

Conduit 14.0 T

This great paddling and multi-dimensional tandem kayak offers acclaimed performance for families, kayaking duos, or even paddling solo.