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Please note that models and items shown in archives are generally no longer available for purchase through Perception. These pages are only a reference guide for older boats and accessories for customer convenience.

Kayak - Perception Sabre Kids Kayak
Kayak - Perception Class V Series: Corsica S, Corsica, Gyramax C-1
Kayak - Perception Slasher, Wavehopper, Reflex II
Kayak - Perception Class V Series Revolution 2-Person whitewater
Kayak - Perception Dancer XS, Dancer, Dancer XT (Partial Page Scan)
Kayak - Perception Introducing the Torrent
Kayak - Perception ProLine Series: Corsica S, Corsica Overflow, Corsica Matrix (PAGE 1) / (PAGE 2)
Kayak - Perception ProLine Series: Corsica, Dancer Pro (PAGE 1) / (PAGE 2)
Kayak - Perception ProLine Series: Pirouette Super Sport, Pirouette S, Pirouette (PAGE 1) / (PAGE 2)
Kayak - Perception Composite Pirouette S (PAGE 1) / (PAGE 2)
Kayak - Perception Keowee, Keowee 2, Jocassee
Kayak - Perception Kahuna, Big Kahuna, Prism
Kayak - Aquaterra Umiak, Spectrum, Spectrum S
Kayak - Aquaterra Chinook NW, Chinook, Scimitar (PAGE 1) / (PAGE 2)
Kayak - Aquaterra Sea Lion / Composite Sea Lion (PAGE 1) / (PAGE 2)
Whitewater Paddles (K-1 Horizon Line, Horizon Line Graphic, K-1 Horizon Line S, K-1 Gradient, K-1 Descent)
Paddles (Tradewind, Gulfstream, Zephyr, Passage, Estuary, Whisper, Shearwater)
Whitewater Sprayskirts (K-1 Deluxe, Harmony Standard,  Bungee, K-1 Nylon, Harmony C-1, LC-1 Big Rand)
Touring Sprayskirts (Aquaterra, Umiak, Keowee, Touring, Keowee 2, Jocassee)
Retro Fit Kits
Canoe Gear (Paddles and Accessories)